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Robotic sweepers glide across the smooth, steel surface. Their brushes move to and fro, clearing every speck of dust out of the way, leaving a polished surface in their wake so clear it looks like a mirror.
Fans chatter and chant from luxurious bleachers alongside the broad steel corridor. Hover cameras float above the area, their lens narrowing then expanding as they take in the excited crowd. Tension hangs thick in the air. It is almost time.
A loud horn blares throughout the arena. All of the blue and white lights inside of the space go dark. The only glow that remains is a few flickering lights from holographic advertisements in the Agrabah Arena Skydecks and concessions areas. Faint, neon glows emanate from some of the audience’s clothing.
Stamping and stomping echo throughout the arena. Strobe lights flicker from the ceiling. The horn blares louder, but the crowd roar soon drowns it out. Red neon lights flash from beneath the floor. Their flickering signals the preparation phase for the world’s greatest sport. One that has dominated the planet for decades now.

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