CRYPTOSOCCER – Is a game inspired by the world cup - There are many utilities here.

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Futebol is unquestionably the most popular sport on the
planet, with more than 200 countries participating. It is
estimated that over 3,5 billion people around the world
watch football at least once a year.
With this in mind, we created the CRYPTO SOCCER for you to
interact by playing while being profitable at the same time.

Crypto Soccer is a web-based gaming application with CPS contract implemented on Binance Smart Chain.

Constant name = CRYPTOSOCCER
Constant Token = CPS
Constant decimals = 18

The game characters are NFT football players and are generated by Blockchain with random attributes.
Attributes are divided into 4 categories:
1. Physical strength.
2. Ball dominance.
3. Good positioning
4. Calibrated kick.

The PVP will be based on a football card game in which each player will be able to apply from 4 to 6 penalties against the goalkeeper (system) where rewards will be given for the place where the goals were scored

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